Friday, October 31, 2014

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

"When there's no more room in HELL the dead will walk the EARTH"

You may have noticed that like this allegory I too have gone straight for the jugular (so to speak) and have chosen George A. Romero's spectacular Dawn of the Dead (1978) as my first foray into his notable zombie world rather than picking his very important ground-breaking, Night of The Living Dead (1968) which should indeed be recognised for its rightful status and position in horror cinema – a cinematic game changer without any doubt. We must also remember his third (often underrated and seriously overlooked) instalment which we will also note mention of in this review! However the simple and honest truth is that not only do I think that this particular Romero epic to be the equivalent of a delicious zombie sandwich spread that sits in between two slices of beautiful home baked metaphoric bread which is both 'NIGHT' and 'DAY' - but without any question in my mind 'DAWN' is still the defining go to zombie movie - is it not? (Opinions will doubtless vary!) For me personally it is categorically the most outstanding achievement of all the zombie feature films out there in this bloated, often flogged to death cinematic arena, so it also goes without saying that it is therefore Romero's best offering within his original based 'Dead' trilogy! In saying this I must also immediately initialise several further points for the record - in my attempt to explain why this is my own conclusion.