Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marilyn Burns RIP 7th May, 1949 – 5th Aug, 2014.

Though this actresses career was largely based on her early 1970's success and her CV in cinematic terms is at best minimal! I will estimate that there will be many actors/actresses envious of never actually achieving their lifetime performance goals, by either design or retrospective luck. It is clear to many an intelligent genre fan that when the name Marilyn Burns is mentioned in conversation, she becomes quickly noted by her achievement in the acting roll of a lifetime, a roll that would make her synonymous with a particular cult movie classic and certainly put her upon a pedestal as that of horror cinema royalty and fan based worship... and rightly so! If however I put aside such adoration and simply concentrate on her most famous and outstanding performance for just one moment - I wish to categorically announce now that her portrayal in the film that made her famous, is quite extraordinary, I meaning; by placing it on a par with any acclaimed cinematic performance either before, since or even after Marilyn Burns came to the fore in her uncompromising screen debut, be that in a mere – silly little independent horror movie or even outside of its specific genre. Sadly in making this statement and the very mention of her in topic obviously means only one thing?... yet another “In Memoriam” tribute unfortunately.