Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nash The Slash

Jeff Plewman aka Nash the Slash.
26th March, 1948 – 10th May, 2014, RIP

On a Monday evening, 8th Sept 1980, a certain youthful 14 year old Mancunian boys life changed forever. Why? Well the simple truth was this 14 year old was not just attending his first ever live concert but he was also free from the shackles of parental guidance and in the company of several close personal friends. These youths were attending the Apollo Theatre, Ardwick Green, in Manchester, UK. The event - seeing Gary Numan's - Teletour '80 live.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Zombie Flesh Eaters A.K.A. Zombi 2 (1979)

 When the earth spits out the dead, they will return to tear the flesh of the living

When deciding on which Zombie movie would favour the first review on TCMR; firstly I thought, good grief, we have not actually written one single article surrounding this popular Horror-Universe. Of this particular monster movie manifestation, six horror glories immediately sprung to mind. Do I review still my ultimate favourite of all the zombie kingdoms? Or do I review the later ground-breaking more visceral follow up to my favourite zombie movie? Then for a brief moment I nearly chose to go with a zombie remake that I actually prefer to the ground breaking original? but then I quickly reminded myself of the crap i'll get for suggesting otherwise and decided in my current delicate state, it was not worth the ramifications - not yet anyway? I then thought okay should I do a review of the original in question based on the fact of it being massively iconic in status - within horror cinemas affirming history? Four of the six movies under consideration I then noted being heavily invested in George A. Romero's world? Then my mind began to think, should I perhaps start my first zombie quest with a recently (personal) discovered classic movie revelation by director Jorge Grau? After some deep rooted contemplation I felt that I would again do the opposite dictated of convention and go with the one zombie treasure that quietly passed everyone by? “Yeah right?”