Monday, April 21, 2014

The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

Who Says Vampires Are no Laughing Matter?

Okay folks! Firstly. How do we broach the delicate, often personal and controversial subject matter of one Rajmund Roman Liebling, or as the movie going world have come to know him better, Roman Polanski. Well despite his personal life and possible historical reproach, (based on allegation only?) We unfortunately have to cautiously take the often weighty and controversial baggage that has undoubtedly followed him in tow of his life long work in movies, as both an actor but more importantly in recognition of he being one of the undoubted, outstanding directors in cinemas history. He has always courted personal collateral damage at one time or another. We must add here, if any of the alleged incidents that have been laid at his door over the years are true, then we must condemn in the strongest of terms. There can be no atonement for such alleged behaviour? Sadly this private side of the man, rightly or wrongly has often detracted from his cinematic genius. There is also no doubting that despite his considerable baggage, he is still able to attain and cast A-List movie stars in all his movies, many whom have worked with him over many decades and on numerous projects.