Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Peter Cushing - A Centennial Celebration

A Dedication and Review of
PETER WILTON CUSHING, OBE. 26th May 1913 – 11th August 1994.
By E.D. Leach.

The Cult Movie Review will now attempt to do justice to one of cinemas great icons... “nay legend” by expressing our delight and gratitude toward his work by writing about not just one of the greatest actors of a certain golden age of cinema but also someone who had a significant personal influence on what is undoubtedly TCMR's favoured movie genre, resulting in we here and doubtless those regular to this site whom I imagine many will also be fans of this great man and his massive canon of genre work. It is also necessary to note before we step forward with this particular review that the following article on completion has been a particular great undertaking on my behalf. As a fan I have attempted with this (mini)-biographical review based upon this individual character who had an astonishing career longevity and formidable movie association, therefore I fear I may be taking on slightly more than one should but because of his personal importance and this being a centenary celebration of his life and work, I should at least attempt to do the right thing in my own usual convoluted way, so without further hesitation... here we go!